Re: out of the box

Do you play just one harmonica, or do you play several?  I play everything
on a single harp.  Plus I'm "the band", so there's a lot of harmonica
playing ;-)

I played ProMasters a while.  They do last longer than MBs, but I find that
Oskars last me longer.

From: "Hambone Hamilton" <harpmanx@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> A $35 Promaster lasts me months and months and months, I practice and gig
> with them, have replaced reedplates even before they really needed it,
> I never did with other harps.

> IronMan wrote:
> >A $15 Marine Band lasts me usually a night or two.  A $20 Lee Oskar lasts
> >me
> >around a month or two.  Charlie Musselwhite said that Oskars last him 10
> >times longer, so I'm not the only one.
> >
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