Re[2]: Lee Oskar Natural Minor harps

Just a couple of notes on the Lee Oskar Natural Minors...

1) if the song is in the key of Am, you use an Am Natural Harp --
they're labelled in the cross key, unlike regular diatonics. You don't
use a Lee Oskar D (Natural) m for a song in Am.

2) they play beautifully and because of the temperament they are
wonderful for smooth, sultry single note runs. Tone, tone, tone.

3) Steve asked if the licks he used will work on the Natural
Minor...not exactly, but it's still pretty intuitive. Close enough you
won't screw up much or for long, likely.

4) You might find it easier to use the Hohner Natural Minor scale (I
don't but it's been a long time since I played the old Orchesters I
used to love so much...).


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