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>> The only new manufactured tubes I'd use in a Bassman if I couldn't get NOS 
>> Tung Sols (be it under their name, GE< RCA or anybody else), or NOS 
>> Phillips/Sylvania 5881's, would be the Svetlana 6L6GCs's, which are WAY 
>> better quality than the other Russian tube factory that produces the 
>> widely available 5881 being market uthru a number oif companies including 
>> Ruby. They;re sonically somewhere between the sound of a 60's NOS GE and a 
>> 60's NOS RCA.
> >> Sincerely,
>> Barbeque Bob Maglinte
>> Boston, MA
>> I know what you mean Bob.I got the sov-tek 5881's that came stock with my 
>> bassman.They're OK but don't come close to the tubes I have in it now,the 
>> GE 5881's with the brown bottom.Man are they sweet.I'm using 3 GE 12 AU7's 
>> in the preamp.I like the tone I'm getting and with my strongest CR mic,I 
>> can get the volume on the #1 bright side input up to about 6 1/2 or 7.Do 
>> you think I'd be better off using a stronger tube in the first 
>> position?I've tried just about every combination possible with the preamp 
>> tubes and settled with the AU's.What's the difference between a black 
>> plate and a grey plate tube?I have a bunch of Sylvania JAN AU's ,AT's,and 
>> some AX's.I don't like the AX's at all.Way too much for harp in the RI.I'm 
>> definately settled on the power tubes,but I'm still messin with the 
>> preamp.What do you think??????  Dave

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