Re: Bassman Rectifier tubes

In a message dated 1/10/2003 10:59:09 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
RHartt1234@xxxxxxx writes:

>        I have a gig with a rented Bassman RI this weekend and was thinking 
> about bringing along a couple of tubes since I'm sure the amp will come 
> with a solid state rectifier and a 12ax7 in the last gain stage.
>        What is the lowest wattage rectifier? I believe it goes something 
> like...
>        solid state=45ish watts
>        GZ34= 40ish watts 
>        5U4GB= 35ish watts
> but my order and approximate wattage may be wrong.
>        Ryan 
> I don't know about the wattage,but I use a 5AR4GY rect. tube that gives 
similar results as the 5U4GB.If you're just renting it for one gig,I would 
think any tube substitution for the SS will help you out,and you may want to 
bring along a couple lower gain preamp tubes as well.That should do ya for 
the one gig.Just don't forget to take them back out before you bring it 
back!. Good luck......Dave

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