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  Subject: Bassman Rectifier tubes

         I have a gig with a rented Bassman RI this weekend and was =
thinking about bringing along a couple of tubes since I'm sure the amp =
will come with a solid state rectifier and a 12ax7 in the last gain =
         What is the lowest wattage rectifier? I believe it goes =
something like...
         solid state=3D45ish watts
         GZ34=3D 40ish watts=20
         5U4GB=3D 35ish watts
  but my order and approximate wattage may be wrong.

  Hi Ryan,
  As an owner of  REAL and UNMODIFIED '59 Bassman, the one you want is a =
GZ34/5AR4, and THE best is an NOS Mullard, and for the first gain stage, =
you'll want an NOS GE 12AY7/6072 (blacklate and/or 5 star version).

  If want more info, contact me off list.

  Barbeque Bob Maglinte
  Boston, MA

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