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>> Those Tung Sol made 5881's, IMHO, are gold in in 4-10 Bassman.
>> Sincerely,
>> Barbeque Bob Maglinte
>> Boston, MA
>       Well Bob I put them in today and tried them out only to be very 
> pleasantly surprised at the sound.I've tried many different type of 
> 6L6's,military ones,black plate ones,the large and small coke bottle style 
> tubes and none sounded as good as the GE 5881's.Tha closest ones to the 
> GE's were a pair of National Union large coke bottle type but they weren't 
> really that close to the GE's.The new "Canadian"tubes sounded incredible.I 
> had planned on saving them and putting the US tubes back in but since I 
> bought 4 of them,I'm leaving them in and saving the US made ones.Do you or 
> antone know how to date these tubes.A couple are still readable and there 
> are some #'s which I don't recall off hand.Thanks for the comments and I 
> look forward to more.Thanks.....Dave

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