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> Hi Dave:
> Well, this is a puzzler. As an ex-GE VT engineer, here
> are some comments. There are (were, been) no tube mfg
> facilities in Canada. As far as I know, GE never
> "stamped" any tubes "Canada" for whatever remote
> thinking reason. If I recall, the two-getter tubes
> were made in the Hungary Tungsol plant.
> Ted

          Thanks for that info Ted.Were they mfg. by tungsol for GE? They 
absolutely are GE tubes.They still have the GE logo and other writing on them 
that rubs off very easily.Or would that actually make them Tungsol tubes.I'm 
getting confused with all these manufacturers that have made tubes for other 
companies.I was once told by an old friend who was a retired engineer for RCA 
that they also made tubes for many other tube companies who then put their 
name on them back in the 40's and 50's.
       But the tubes I have are the same size(small) as the 5881's I have 
that are stamped 5881 USA and now that I have had a chance to try them,sound 
just as good as the US made tubes,maybe even better.They seem to break up 
easily and give the bassman a very nice "honkey" sound.So do you think they 
were made by Tungsol,or made by GE in the US for use in Canada? They came in 
the usual orange and white GE cartons but they said,"see tube for country of 
origin".Thanks again....Dave

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