Re: Joe Messina - Funk Brother

Nicholas wrote:

> So , maybe it's him blowin high thru an F harp in Temptations hit
> "Masterpiece" ? Or are those few notes not made by a harp at all 
> [I'm sure it's a harmonica]?

And Joe responds:

"It wasn't me.. One of the Stevenson boys did play on some sessions,
and I know Stevie played on some...I'm not sure who played on the
Temps session....Sorry I can't help you........"

As I stated in the original post, Joe did not start playing harmonica 
until 1980, and of course all the old Motown megahits were much 
earlier than that. Joe mentions "the Stevenson boys", and there was 
a chromatic jazz harmonica player named Danny Stevenson in those 
days. I am not sure if he is still playing. But my best guess would 
be that Stevie played most of the harmonica tracks for Motown, as is 
evidenced in the film, "Standing In the Shadows of Motown". 


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