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  I have a question about some tubes I recently bought.I found some NOS =
General Electric 5881 tubes which I find give me the best tone out of my =
bassman RI.I assumed they were US made but when I took them out of the =
boxes,they all had 5881 Canada stamped on them along with the usual GE =
logo and writing.They are the same size as the US 5881's that I have in =
my amp although they are a little different internally.My US made ones =
have a black base and the Canadian ones are brown.The base on the =
Canadian tubes has USA cast into the bottom.The US tubes have 1 getter =
on the side as where the Canadian ones have 2 on the sides.=20
          Does anyone know if GE produced tubes in Canada?They do not =
say "made in Canada",only 5881 Canada on the tube,or is it possible that =
GE made the tubes in the US to be sold in Canada?If they were made in =
Canada,are they comparable to the US made tubes?I haven't had a chance =
to try them yet but I'd like to know if any of you tube guru's out there =
could give me a little info on Canadian tubes.I've heard alot about =
US,Russian,and Chinese tubes but not Canadian.Any info would be greatly =

  Hi Dave,
  If that's what I think it is, what you have is actually made by =
Tung-Sol, which is THE original equipment power tub on a REAL '59 =
Bassman. Tung Sol made them under their own name, as well as for =
Phillips/Sylvania, GE, and RCA, andn the brown base is the dead =
giveaway. These are THE primo 5881, and are BIG bucks on the vintage =
tube market. The closest in sound quality and construction are the NOS =
Phillips/Sylvania 5881's.

  GE also had some tubes made for them in Holland, and the UK (by =
Mullard), and has made some for distribution under the names of those =
other copmpanies such as Mullard.

  Those Tung Sol made 5881's, IMHO, are gold in in 4-10 Bassman.

  Barbeque Bob Maglinte
  Boston, MA

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