Re: Tubes

Hi Dave:

Well, this is a puzzler. As an ex-GE VT engineer, here
are some comments. There are (were, been) no tube mfg
facilities in Canada. As far as I know, GE never
"stamped" any tubes "Canada" for whatever remote
thinking reason. If I recall, the two-getter tubes
were made in the Hungary Tungsol plant.


- --- Grbullets2@xxxxxxx wrote:
> I have a question about some tubes I recently
> bought.I found some NOS General 
> Electric 5881 tubes which I find give me the best
> tone out of my bassman RI.I 
> assumed they were US made but when I took them out
> of the boxes,they all had 
> 5881 Canada stamped on them along with the usual GE
> logo and writing.They are 
> the same size as the US 5881's that I have in my amp
> although they are a 
> little different internally.My US made ones have a
> black base and the 
> Canadian ones are brown.The base on the Canadian
> tubes has USA cast into the 
> bottom.The US tubes have 1 getter on the side as
> where the Canadian ones have 
> 2 on the sides.
>          Does anyone know if GE produced tubes in
> Canada?They do not say 
> "made in Canada",only 5881 Canada on the tube,or is
> it possible that GE made 
> the tubes in the US to be sold in Canada?If they
> were made in Canada,are they 
> comparable to the US made tubes?I haven't had a
> chance to try them yet but 
> I'd like to know if any of you tube guru's out there
> could give me a little 
> info on Canadian tubes.I've heard alot about
> US,Russian,and Chinese tubes but 
> not Canadian.Any info would be greatly
> appreciated.Thanks.......Dave

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