Thin line example

Not to point anyone out specifically, but for the record the quoted text
below my sig is the sort of thing I was talking about in my post on the
thin line of advertising and spam (three lines of response on point, ten
lines of self-promotion done with every email to harp-l, no matter the

 ()()   JR "Bulldogge" Ross
()  ()  & Snuffy, too:)

>          Marine Band is the only way to go. When your giggin a lot,
> harps go down. The cost from Hohner for a rebuild is cheap. Sound is
> what you make it.

A $15 Marine Band lasts me usually a night or two.  A $20 Lee Oskar
lasts me
around a month or two.  Charlie Musselwhite said that Oskars last him 10
times longer, so I'm not the only one.

BTW some LIVE tunes by *anonymous*:*anonymous*/WalkingToNewOrleans.mp3*anonymous*/PrettyWoman.mp3
(and - hint hint - we're looking to tour)

- -*anonymous* *Southland Blues
Magazine TU 8pm Starboard Attitude/Redondo
Santa Monica 3rd St Promenade, various times   Email my Cellphone for
(130 chr's max-keep it SHORT) *anonymous*

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