Re: Boss Harmonica: The Life of Little Walter (Boston Phoenix, book review)

> could,nt agree more-the insights given were way more than we could have

I just finished the book last night at about 2:00 a.m.  I was very impressed
with the amount of research and the large number of one on one interviews
that were done to bring all the material together.  It was a very tragic and
compelling story.  Sad in many ways.  Walter was a true tortured genius.

Part of the problem in telling this story were the "tall tales" told by many
of the interviewees.  There were as least 5 versions of what happened on the
night of his death and as many if not more versions of how his leg injuries
and facial scars came about.
That combined with the fact that most of his contemporaries are no longer
with us had to make this project a very daunting task.  I for one was very
impressed with the end result and would recommend it to anyone even remotely
interested in blues harmonica or blues in general.

I'll be cracking open "Mister Satan's Apprentice" next and from what I've
seen so far it looks just as good.

Mark Wilson
Irvine CA

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