Sticky Slides

  For sticky chromatic slides, I took Gardner's advice (Harp Summit, MN) and
bought a brass brush (used for cleaning car tires) and I put the slide on a
flat surface, one that allows the button to hang over. Then I scrub the hell
out of it. Then from Brendan Power's instruction, I take the lightest touch
of Vaseline and put it only on the top & bottom of the slide. Afterwards, I
take a file and make sure the grooves in the mouthpiece assembly (I play 64
Chromonicas) are clean and unfettered. Also, I've seen a tendency of more
creative people repairing their harps to use silencers (plastic bumpers
around the screws) that are too thick or too long. If this is the case, when
the assembly is screwed back down it will push the plastic or rubber against
what would be a free moving slide mechanism. Last but not least, make sure
to clean your mouth out before playing if you have consumed anything
recently. Nothing like a little soda pop to get things nice and messy.
A good instrument to clean the mouthpiece with is a gun cleaning brush, it
fits right in the holes and cleans 'em right out.

   If this doesn't stop you from being sticky, I recommend staying away from
the Internet and wearing loose clothing, preferably boxer shorts!
  It's good to hear from all of you again!

 Damien Masterson

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