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>       What is the website with info or address to subscribe to American 
> Harmonica Newsletter.
>        Thanks
>        Ryan 

There is no web site; just email.
Phil Lloyd/AHN

Greetings: Here is the subscription information you asked about
American Harmonica Newsmagazine.

The 40-page monthly letter-size newsprint magazine is in its 15th
year. It covers all aspects of harmonica: focusing on but not
limited to chromatic & diatonic: blues, country, folk, jazz;
chromatic blues, reviews of new CDs, cassettes by newcomers and
new & old pro's. Also interviews with the players active in the harmonica 

 Rates:  ( in U.S. funds) Sample copy: $2.50 ;
==12 issues U.S. bulk mail (slow) : $27; 
==12 issues U.S. first class (fast, will forward)  $30.25; 
==12 issues air mail/Mexico $36.15;
==12 issues air mail/Group 3 countries Europe,U.K. $36.15; 
==12 issues air mail/Group 4 countries Japan -Australia $51.40; 
 ==12 issues air mail/Group 5 countries China-Taiwan Pan America $36.15; 
==12 issues air mail Canada $34.35.

Send check or money order to: 
Al Eichler, Editor
American Harmonica Newsmagazine
104 Highland Avenue
Battle Creek, MI 49015-3272

Phil Lloyd, Contributing Editor
American Harmonica Newsmagazine

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