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> Another possible question is whether "perfect pitch"
> is necessary. Is being able to differentiate 440 from
> 442 more important than being able to recognize a
> disharmony with your playing partners?

    I have a pretty awful ear, but I will admit it has gotten better over the 
years. Now, I'm losing   some hearing and that takes an adjustment. For my 
harp playing, I guess I can pretty much tell where I am with the bends, but I 
sure can't hear if a note is going flat until it gets way flat.
   I have lost a lot of my high frequency hearing and hearing aids give such 
a harsh sound that I don't like them when I am playing music, especially   
harp. Too many overtones inside and outside the head.
So, I bought an upright bass and I play that some of the time when the bunch 
I hang out with gathers. I still hear bass sounds pretty good.

Steve "Moandabluz" Webb
still a fool for the harp

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