RE: Nightmares

If your darling sings like I hear now, you have my

Regarding "Perfect pitch", I have to admit that over
50 years I had never given it a second thought. It was
just one of those things that either it sounded right,
or it didn't. In a harp context, I re-tuned an aweful
lot of them. I never really needed an extraneous
reference, but the engineer in me always insisted that
I double-check, and I was never far (1 or 2 cents)
off, so perhaps I did have a natural sense of pitch.

Can you develop "perfect pitch"? I don't know. There
have been some threads on Harp-L in the past that
suggest this is possible. If the archives are back
on-line you might research this.

Another possible question is whether "perfect pitch"
is necessary. Is being able to differentiate 440 from
442 more important than being able to recognize a
disharmony with your playing partners?


- --- DL Terry <so_blue@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> > -----Original Message-----
> > Ted van Beek
> That's AWFUL!
> > I now have variable-pitch hearing (and
> > vision).
> So now - you hear like my wife sings....
> > Even a year ago, I thought I knew what 440
> > sounded like, but I'm no longer certain that I now
> > know.
> >
> Hmmm.... I've always wanted perfect pitch - but I
> can still sing / play in
> tune, even if I can't NAME the notes I'm hitting.
> And, I don't think I could
> ID 440hz from 445hz....were you able to do that
> before your loss?
> > My MAIN MAN says he thinks it's
> > just a matter of time before my system gets back
> into
> > a normal pattern, He hasn't been wrong yet.
> Ted, did you always have the ability to identify
> pitch correctly, or was it
> a learned skill?
> (I'd like to learn it, if possible - where do I
> start?)
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