Re: Sticky chromatic slide

>Neil, thanks for the laugh! What a great story!
>At the Global Summit in Minneapolis, Dick Gardner recommended using a
>drop or two of trumpet valve lube. You can get it at any music store
>that sells brass instruments. I think it's basically liquid silicon. It
>works well.
>The main thing, though, is to keep the slide clean. If you just take it
>apart and clean it, you won't need any lube. In a pinch, say at the gig,
>a drop or two of water will help, just don't get it in the reeds and
>Alec Drachman

  Neil, try placing harmonica (holes down) in a shallow dish containing
EXACTLY the same depth of water as the THICKNESS of the mouthpiece (+
1/32"). Holding the thing steady, work the slide 6 times. You don't have to
do this often (every couple days or more). It sure cuts down on

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