LO Longevity was: out of the box

But Mike,
YOU play ONE C harp
MOST ten holers distribute a nights worth of playing over 4-8 harps.
Besides, the blues police will probably be knocking on your door for 
attaching valves to the Hallowed MB.
I think LOs play more freely than Hohners, so does a good custom harp(they 
better for my investment in them.) IMNSHO, players will adjust their playing 
style to a freer blowing instrument, I know that I did.

Michael Peloquin

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> >          Marine Band is the only way to go. When your giggin a lot,
> > harps go down. The cost from Hohner for a rebuild is cheap. Sound is
> > what you make it.
>A $15 Marine Band lasts me usually a night or two.  A $20 Lee Oskar lasts 
>around a month or two.  Charlie Musselwhite said that Oskars last him 10
>times longer, so I'm not the only one.
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