What would it take to apprise the American harmonica player of the fact
that they have a superb resource practically on their doorstep. I'm
speaking, of course, of SPAH.

  Let me make it clear that I have no intrinsic monetary interest in the
organization nor am I in any way an official, spokesperson, promoter, or
interpeneuer. I am merely a member.

  A small group of harmonica enthusiats in the Detroit Mich. area felt that
the harmonica could be compatible with the (even) changing times. They
undertook the task of locating other harmonicists and the group began to
grow. That was 1962 and the rest is history.

  There are now just over 3000 members, yet only 350+- show up for the
convention. Please be advised that SPAH is for harmonica players (and just
plain FANS of the harmonica) at ALL levels of expertise. Everyone is
important. Everyone is a star.

  Why do (I) go to SPAH? "It's the people I go to see, AND it's the people
who keep bringing me back." We are at a time whereas we are loosing members
(from natural causes) about as fast as we are gaining them. This, of
course, is so sad because we are trying to preserve a heritage or a calling
as it were. I personally didn't choose to play harmonica....IT chose ME.

  Please consider (just consider) joining. This tretise was NOT solicited
by SPAH.

  Thanx for your attention, Joseph (smokey-joe) Leone, North Port Fla.

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