RE: Nightmares

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> Ted van Beek

That's AWFUL!

> I now have variable-pitch hearing (and
> vision).

So now - you hear like my wife sings....

> Even a year ago, I thought I knew what 440
> sounded like, but I'm no longer certain that I now
> know.

Hmmm.... I've always wanted perfect pitch - but I can still sing / play in
tune, even if I can't NAME the notes I'm hitting. And, I don't think I could
ID 440hz from 445hz....were you able to do that before your loss?

> My MAIN MAN says he thinks it's
> just a matter of time before my system gets back into
> a normal pattern, He hasn't been wrong yet.

Ted, did you always have the ability to identify pitch correctly, or was it
a learned skill?
(I'd like to learn it, if possible - where do I start?)

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