Re: Southeren California Harp Jam!

Mark - first, thanks for putting this together.  Folks, these things are a
*L*O*T* of work, and Mark deserves a BIG "thanks" from all of us.

Agreed.  Totally.  Absolutely.

*** ALL harmonicas are welcome ***

Diatonic, chromatic, tremelo, octave, chord, bass.  Play your (reed based)
pitch pipe if you like.  But PLEASE participate.  After all, it's a
harmonica club.  Impress us with how good you play - or how average - or how
bad.  It's just harmonica, folks, the toy department of the music store.
This is not about prowess.  It's about having fun and sharing what we've
got.  No grades will be given - I promise.

Also, all STYLES are fine with me.  Blues (well duh).  Jazz.  Punk.  Funk.
Classical.  Rock.  Tejano.  Country.  Psychedelic.  Dixie.  Klesmer.
Bluegrass.  Polka.  Speed metal.  Even rap.  As long as it's done *on a
harmonica*, we'll give it a shot.  Aside from blues, jazz, and rock, I'm
also a longtime professional "general business" ("all styles") musician,
know well over fifteen thousand songs, have an excellent ear, learn quickly,
and can sight read charts as long as they're not really difficult.  Fake
books are great.  I may not do the greatest <some-obscure-style> on the
planet, but I can handle it well enough for a general purpose musical get
together - including oddball metering, changes, and such.

Also, being "the whole band", I don't have to worry about whether the "other
guys" know the song.  I don't know everything (even though sometimes I
*think* I do), but I know enough to cover the bases - usually.  We WILL find
something for YOU.

I also see no problem if anyone wants to bring other instruments, but
primarily to accompany.  I don't want to see it turn into a guitar, etc.
jam.  So harmonicas will receive preference.

I don't anticipate this being a LOUD thing.  I'm 55-3/4 and want to preserve
my hearing for at least another 30 days.  At least.  So don't expect your
ears to ring afterward.

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> I've been asked several times if this jam was open to chrom players etc..
> received an email last night and was given permission to quote from it
> morning:
> > So what's the point of this lengthy note.  Well, if you concur,
> > it would not be a bad idea for you to post another note to the
> > List stating that your original proposal for a jam has stirred up
> > a lot of interest in a Club, and that harp players of all persuasions,
> > diatonics, chroms, basses, and chords, and blues, jazz, classic,
> > country and pop and whatever are invited to come, to jam
> > or just to talk about starting a Club.
> I couldn't have said it better.
> Hope to see you all on the 18th.
> Mark Wilson
> Irvine CA
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