Re: Sticky chromatic slide

Hi there Hambone,
Saliva and gunk settle there.
If you hold the chromatic with the mouthpiece holes down angled slightly with
the button end higher, dribble a bit of water in behind the slide button and
work it.  Just a little, don't drown it.    When the slide is free, tap out the
excess water and play draw chords only while pressing the button to draw out any
remaining water.

Also Jens Bunge suggests that when you finish playing, just now and again give
the button a push over the next hour or so, this will help keep the slide free
for next time.

Usually I just use a little water.  I do this with my wood comb chromatics, but
I'm careful to be very conservative with the water and do my best to avoid much
if any getting into the comb ... thats asking for trouble.


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> I have a Hohner 280/64 and have noticed lately that whenever I first pull it
> out of the case, the slide tends to stick a bit.  It loosens up fast, and
> stays limber while I play it, until the next time I whoop it out.  What is
> recommended to lube it with?  I thought of Vaseline but was afraid it might
> gunk up over time. Thanks
> Hambone
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