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<I have a Hohner 280/64 and have noticed lately that whenever I first pull it 

out of the case, the slide tends to stick a bit.>


My wife ordered a Hering Velvet Voice  chromatic (which I love) for me
for Christmas from one of our on-line venders--I think it was either
Coast to Coast Music or Harp Depot--and the nice lady she talked
to on the 'phone suggested she also order some Hohner Slide 
Lubricant, which turned out to be a product called Astroglide.
Judy wrapped the two items separately and I unwrapped the
Astroglide first.  Not knowing about the Velvet Voice I hadn't a 
clue as to why I was getting this stuff and proceded, in front of
my assembled family, to read the complete label.

"Astroglide: Second Only to Nature.Personal Lubricant...Condom
Compatible"  As the rest of my family started to howl, Judy,  who's
pretty naive about such things, (even after 37 years of marriage,)
kept yelling "It's to lubricate his slide!"

Considering that my younger daughter also gave my elder, who
is a choral director, some "pasties" which she said are intended
to hide her nipples if she wears a sheer blouse at one of her
performances, the morning was declared our first X-rated Christmas




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