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Hi John,

The high notes on the CX-12 can be tricky not only because of
gapping/set-up.  I think it has a lot do with embouchure, air direction, and
how those reeds interact with all that because of the distance of the reeds
from the mouthpiece holes and also the shape of the mouthpiece/covers which
makes certain demands on your embouchure (quite different than a diatonic,
or a smaller chrom, or a 2016, or really any other chrom). Many folks have
sent me CX12's for repair/adjustment because of "high note difficulty" when
there is virtually nothing wrong with the harp, or the set-up.

I would suggest playing around a lot with your mouth shape and airflow
direction, separately from playing music. Experimenting with just the high
notes and changing embouchure, tongue placement, etc. - whatever you can do
to make subtle changes and ALWAYS going for LESS force, less air. The
tendency for most when going for high notes and encountering difficulty is
to up the pressure, like trying to suck (or blow) through a clogged
straw....don't go there! Instead, find out what you can do with your air
flow to produce the notes easily. You will find (eventually) they magically
pop right out, and then gradually you can learn to make them reliable.

It sounds like you've been doing this some, so  you could have a harp that
does need adjustment. Try a little bit more with the thought in mind that
you want a very thin, direct air flow that is hitting those small reeds with
laser like accuracy, and from the optimum angle, but not great force..find
out what you need to "overcome" the tendency that the CX12 has to force your
mouth open and interfere with that.

Good Luck!

Rupert Oysler
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> I'm having trouble getting good high notes from a new CX12. I battled for
> ages to get reasonable high notes from a 270 but the CX12 seems to require
> lot of wind at the top end.
> Have tried puckering, changing shape of the mouth, relaxing, breathing
> the diaphragm - perhaps I need a holiday from playing!!
> Grateful for any advice.
> Best wishes to all for 2003!
> John Ringwood
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