Grand Rapids, MI - tonight

Hi Folks,

I haven't done a shameless plug in months, so here goes:

My band is playing at Billy's Lounge in the "East-town" section of Grand
Rapids tonight. The club is on Wealthy St.

Billy's changed ownership more than a year ago and we've been trying hard to
get back in ever since. We were on "the rotation" before Billy sold it, but
since then they have had several manager changes and it took a while to get
one who was organized enough to follow through with bookings.

This is one of the last "real" blues clubs in G.R. - I enjoy playing on the
same stage that has held Rod Piazza, James Cotton, Kim Wilson, etc. Also,
new this year, they now have a house PA and even provide a sound man. We're
hoping we can have a good crowd and get back on "the rotation", hence, the
shameless plug.

If anyone from harp-l comes out, please introduce yourself and I'll buy you
a beverage.

Extra harp content - I'll be playing my personally customized Specialized
20's, 270's and 280's through an SM-58 vocal mic into the PA, or through a
545S into a Holland Westside 35 and an original '59 Tweed Super Amp.

Thanks and sorry about the bandwidth.

Alec Drachman

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