Re: Muddy Waters "Deep Down In Florida"

Likely the album is a compilation. That wonderful tune has been taken 
from "Mississippi M.W. Live" (Blue Sky 1977).  Yes, Cotton on harp (Muddy
calls him when is his turn, if I remember correctly), I agree the solo is 
outstanding, as well as Johnny Winter's one. Key of A, D harp.

Incidentally: same key but different player (Portnoy) on the "King Bee"
album (Blues Sky 1980), and Cotton again but key of G on "Hard Again"
(Blues Sky 1976).  

On 09/01/03, at 11.36, bcdee writes:
   >On Muddy Waters cd "Muddy Waters Deep Down In The Blues" by
   >Platinum disc corp.there is a 9:46 min. version of Deep down in Florida
   > with an outstanding harp solo that starts about 4:17 in the song.  It sounds
   >like James Cotton to me, but does anyone know for sure, and what key
   >is the song in?

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