Re: "Hand Made"

>At 16:28 1/9/2003 +0100, the Leones wrote:
>>smokey-joe (& the Cafe s) SPAH member #1581, way down deep in Florida.
>That's what I like to hear... a nice early SPAH number... we are up past
>3000 I think at the moment.
>How about joining Smokey?  The water's nice and warm... and there are other
>nice people in SPAH as well!
>Oh, by the way... we talk harp.
>Thanks for the little plug Smokey :)
>Douglas Tate
>President of SPAH

  Hi "Prez", just got home from a gig & found your note. It is one of my
New Years Resoultions to post my number occasionally so everyone knows ..I

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