Re: Out of the box

I like the Bushmasters for out of the box.  They overblow especially
well out of the box, good tone and response.  A little dark sounding in
the lower keys for my taste.  A curved, more open Marine Band type cover
plate would really be an improvement to the tone of these harps IMHO.
Unfortunately this is not an easy fix, (I've tried it using Big River
plates) the alignment is just a little off, you'll have to do some
drilling.'s not what I use primarily.  I tweak and fix my own harps so I
find the Big Rivers the best value for me.  They may not be perfect
outta the box for my tastes but for the money with a little tweaking,
they're good for me.

Don D.

DL Terry wrote:

> I tried to strike a spark yesterday, but you all were too slippery -
> only one person bit.I have been considering buying some "high-end"
> diatonics. No, not Filiskos, or another "custom" harp. Most of the
> manufacturers we're familiar with have a "top-o'-the-line" 'Tonic-We
> got the Meisterklasse, Promaster, Thunderbird, Bushmaster, Ultimo,
> and.... What?I'm talking non-valved "Premium" out-of-the-box,
> diatonics, not an "overblow" or other "trick" harp.(Although, should
> we allow the AX-20 a spot?) If you had to play an out-of-the-box
> Factory Diatonic, but cost was not an issue, which one would YOU
> play?(Or, maybe in some cases, cost is not an issue; which one DO you
> play?) -DL Terry

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