Almost TOTALLY off-topic;

Does anyone know where in Kalamazoo the original Gibson Factory was? I'm
here this week on business, and I'd like to go pay my respects.

I have already located Heritage Guitars, and the ProCo "World Headquarters"
(a two-story walk-up on Kalamazoo Street), but the Gibson Factory site would
be hard to beat....unless it's a Home Depot now.

I'm glad the list is back!

Vini Alesi

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> Date: Thu, 09 Jan 2003 15:02:43 +0000
> From: "M. N." <mnessmith@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re:  Kalamazoo Model 2 Question
> Tom Deimbacher wrote:
> "I remember reading something about how to modify a Kalamazoo Model 2 at
> it's best, but when i search the archives i can't find the link. Can
> help me on that?"
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