RE: "Hand Made"

In other parts of the world, Hohner sells an "MS" version of the special 20
- -not the same as ours. ALL MS harmonicas _can_ use the same reedplates as
the Cross Harp, or the Big River with no modifications.

The NON-"MS" versions of their harps (Marine BAnds, S20s, etc.) Hohner calls
- -for Hand-Made

They all use different combs, reeds, etc. from the MS

I don't know if the Golden Melody is considered HM or not.

> Smokey-Joe asked:

>   Pardon, but I keep seeing reference to hand made vs ? what other kind of
> made. Have been playing spl 20s since they came out (many moons)
> and didn't
> know there was a difference.

>   How do (I) tell the difference? please enlighten this senior citizen.

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