Re: Out of the Box

> > When you gap and tune a harp, how do you know you are doing it
correctly? Do
> > you have to reassemble the thing, play it, say to yourself 'um, that's
> > right', take it apart, file something down a bit more, reassemble, play
> > it,,,,,etc.

I'd highly recommend a good quality chromatic tuner for tuning.  I prefer a
large D'arsonval meter movement, but an LCD with reasonable resolution will
work.  The ones that show only "in tune", "sharp", and "flat" are totally

And yes you do need to "reassemble".  One tip i picked up a while back is to
use these little "wood clips" to hold the reed places firmly in place.
They're little plastic springy type clips to hold glued wood in place while
the glue sets.  I bought mine as part of a set at Walmart.  They're dirt
cheap - I think mine were well under $5.

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