Re: Out of the Box

I've rarely found a harmonica that doesn't play well out of the box, unless
it was maladjusted or otherwise defective.  This even includes the <$2
Walmart diatonic harps.  I haven't played Marine Bands in years, but when I
did, I played 'em hard right out of the box, and they worked just fine.  The
reason I break mine in is because I find they last me several times longer.
Exactly how much, I couldn't say, but it's enough to really notice.

One fellow who told me that he sets up his harps and works the reeds a lot
says that he doesn't notice this.  I wonder if working the reeds counts
toward "breaking in".

BTW some LIVE tunes by The IronMan Curtis Band:
(and - hint hint - we're looking to tour)

- -IronMan Mike Curtis Band *Southland Blues
Magazine TU 8pm Starboard Attitude/Redondo
Santa Monica 3rd St Promenade, various times   Email my Cellphone for
(130 chr's max-keep it SHORT) ironmanc@xxxxxxxxx

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