RE: Out of the Box

>Alec Drachman comments:
> IMHO, the real need for customized harps doesn't arise until you start
> playing overblows.
> This is
> where, in my opinion, guys like Filisko and Sleigh, really earn their
> keep.
> Unless you are trying to overblow, a stock
> S20 is just fine.
> If I want to go crazy, get the harp perfectly tuned (to my taste),
> emboss the reed slots, re-shape the reeds, gap for overblows and
> overdraws, etc., I can spend hours.
> but to be honest, it isn't worth my
> time. I prefer to spend 10 minutes and get it pretty good than to spend
> hours to get it perfect. My hat's off to the customizers who get them
> perfect every time.

Alex, thanks for your _candor_ on the customizing issue.
I started the thread because I want L'ers input on what plays "best"
because I can't afford (even one) full custom, and I don't have time to do
it myself.
- -To even get in the general neighborhood of "what the customizers do" would
take me MANY, MANY HOURS , and probably cost me some harps, to boot.
I can do a cursory gap adjustment, and I have tried my hand at custom
tuning, but mostly,
"I just want ta BLOW!" ;-)

In case anyone's interested (but you all probably know this) Hohner's
handmade Special 20 is the clear favorite of respondents to this thread.
(Come on, you GM players - let's hear from you!)

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