Re: Marine Band covers (was: RE: Out of the box)

Norman wrote:
> Hi I can get just covers for the Marine Bandbut only the HM not Ms. about $4 
> aprox a set plus the alful postage charges

This brings up a rather sore point for me: why can't we get parts from Hohner 
in the US?  A while back I bought a few 560 ABS combs from HohnerUSA (see if 
you can guess why?), and was quickly told by Hohner (in a TYPED letter) that 
they could no longer supply "remanufacturers" like myself.  

At the same time, I understand that Tony Ramos, who lives in Germany, buys 
unfinished Marine Band combs, covers and other parts directly from the factory 
in Trossingen.  Obviously Norman can get parts in sufficient quantities to 
sell, but I've never seen an American firm offer parts, aside from a few things 
from Farrell.

So, Norman, can we specify a key imprint?  What kinds of quantities would be 
permitted in an order?  This could change my whole fabrication model!

- -tim

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