Harmonica and music stores

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>From: kevin magowan
>I have accepted a position at Guitar Center Cherry Hill NJ where I am
>running the accessories dept. I have been opening the eyes of the guitar 
>world to the world of harmonica .

>BBQ Bob replies:
>Now that we know this, it looks like Kevin is going to at least help shape 
>this VERY large retail music store chain to at least be one helluva lot 
>more harmonica friendly, something 99% of which are, to be brtuallly honest 
>about, are the pitts!!
>Barbeque Bob Maglinte
>Boston, MA

Good luck!
As we all know or may not, about the retail music stores:
Harmonica is an accessory, not an instrument.
This is due to price, popularity(or lack thereof), small numbers of truly 
accomplished players and the personal hygiene issues of testing in the 
Harmonica is a very underground instrument because of how difficult it can 
really be to play well and its mysterious nature to other musicians. To me 
the saddest part is that one cannot listen to 30 minutes of TV or radio 
without hearing our favorite instrument, try to find ONE tune in this weeks 
Billboard Hot 100 with harmonica on it. If you do find that tune, I would 
bet that it would be something along the lines of the "accessory" type 
playing of morrisette, dylan, young etc.

Keep on keepin on...
Michael Peloquin

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