Re: Out of the Box

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I've been trying quite a few out of the box harps recently.  I ordered a =
Hering Black Blues in Bb that was very sweet.  It played perfectly the =
day it arrived, felt and looked goood, and sounded better to my ears =
than my LO's.  I ordered several more and discovered that I had just =
happened on a good one with the Bb.  The others arrived and were leaky =
and gapped poorly so I'm back again to the LO's.

I do agree with an earlier post regarding the Suzuki Overdrive.  A =
quality instrument that is a real pleasure to play.  That quality =
without the difficult to work with additional holes would be perfect.  =
Fortunately we may not have to wait long for it.  I have it from a very =
reliable source that Suzuki is redesigning the Bluesmaster which will =
include modified covers plates along with the quality Overdrive =
reedplates.  They should be available later this year.=20

Mark Wilson
Irvine CA

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