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Dear L'ers, Most of you don't know me, but I used to read/contribute to the L about 2 years ago. Regardless, I've taken a sebatical from harping to focus on home recording and guitar. But I've returned to the instrument and hope to become more active on the L. Especially now that its gone through a "phoenix from the flames" re-birth of sorts. I'd like to pose a question regarding the "out of the box" discussion that's going on now. I've been playing for only 3 years or so, and have had no problems playing out of the box harps,,,,probably because I've not ascended to the level that many of you have. I mention this as background to my main question: When you gap and tune a harp, how do you know you are doing it correctly? Do you have to reassemble the thing, play it, say to yourself 'um, that's not right', take it apart, file something down a bit more, reassemble, play it,,,,,etc. Its not like a guitar where you get instantaneous feedback that the adjustment you just made is c!
orrect. Somebody just mentioned in this thread that you can take an out of the box harp and spend 10 minutes on it, gapping and tuning, and get a harp that fits your needs a little better. Given my question, does it really only take 10 minutes to gap and tune a harp? I've only opened one up out of curiosity, and can't see how I'd be able to do that in such a short period of time.Lastly, I'm testing to see if the way I've composed this message eliminates the HTML or not. Yahoo mail wants to produce the HTML by default, unless you select the "view html source" checkbox and strip out the HTML, which is what I'm doing,,,just to see if it translates to L correctly.

- - Mike Due

"If you smile at me I will understand, cause that is something everybody everywhere does in the same language."
 - Crosby, Stills, and Nash

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