Re: Marine Band covers (was: RE: Out of the box)

> Sounds easy. Where do I get the Marine Band covers? (Cost effectively, I 
> mean, not by buying a bunch of complete Marine Band harps to get the 
> covers.)

Go to the Marine Band graveyard most of us have from our youth.  Bear in mind 
that you will have to drill holes in the covers to mount them on a Special 20 
comb.  You can either drill a single hole in the center, between the two nail 
holes (some folks like to peen the nail holes flat), and then you can use the 
Special 20 cover screws and nuts, or you can drill through the nail holes, 
although then you have to drill through the Special 20 comb (pilot holes are 
already there) to make them big enough for screws.  You can use four screws, 
but plenty of folks are using two screws in the front only, it seems to bind 
well enough.  

You can go the way of the T-Bone and fit the Marine Band plates and covers onto 
the Special 20 comb, but note that the Special 20 reed plates are virtually 
identical to the Marine Band plates, and shouldn't change any of the 
characteristics of the harp.  The Marine Band plates are a little tougher to 
fit, as they are slightly too long for the 560 comb, and have no screw holes 
(or screws, for that matter).  I do this for my T-Bones because it's easier to 
get ABS combs as a separate item and combine them with plates and covers from a 
Marine Band than to get the MB covers as a separate item and combine them with 
Special 20 plates and comb.

- -tim

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