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Hello everybody in the harmonica community. Yes it I true ,I was bought out
by my brother and they have renamed the company .
I have accepted a position at Guitar Center Cherry Hill NJ where I am
running the accessories dept. I have been opening the eyes of the guitar
world to the world of harmonica . The place has some GREAT
Amps!! if anyone is in the market for a harp amp . Tweed twin ,Harvard ,
Brown Concert ,Blackface Delux,Vibro Champ ,and a couple of Supers. If
anyone is interested contact me through my email which is
As for the discussion on high A , you can buy a SBS in A which in the first
octave is the low notes ( first 4 notes on a regular A ) and then goes into
the high octave.
The Martin was a great harp indeed .The cover plates are  the same  as the
Cross Harp except for the finish . Martin discontinued them because they
started selling the Back Packer guitar to LL Bean and they wanted a
companion harmonica . So if you can find any LL Bean harps they are the
Martin Harp with their logo .Kevin

Now that we know this, it looks like Kevin is going to at least help shape
this VERY large retail music store chain to at least be one helluva lot more
harmonica friendly, something 99% of which are, to be brtuallly honest
about, are the pitts!!

Barbeque Bob Maglinte
Boston, MA

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