Re: Kalamazoo Model 2 Question

Tom Deimbacher wrote:
"I remember reading something about how to modify a Kalamazoo Model 2 at
it's best, but when i search the archives i can't find the link. Can anybody 
help me on that?"


I can't imagine that amp needing any substantial modification. It couldn't 
hurt to put in a better speaker (I put a Jensen re-issue P10Q in my Model 1 
at PL500's advice and am very happy with it). And make sure you have good 
American or European tubes in there. With those in place, your amp should 
sound great for harp as is.
I'm curious, though. If I understand correctly, you're in Vienna. Is your 
Model 2 an original export model built to run on Euro 220v or is it a 
standard American 110v version? If it's American, do you use a transformer 
or has a tech modified the amp to run in Europe? If that's what you did, did 
it cost a lot and is this an easy mod for a tech there to do?

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