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BlankHello everybody in the harmonica community. Yes it I true ,I was bought out by my brother and they have renamed the company .
I have accepted a position at Guitar Center Cherry Hill NJ where I am running the accessories dept. I have been opening the eyes of the guitar world to the world of harmonica . The place has some GREAT 
Amps!! if anyone is in the market for a harp amp . Tweed twin ,Harvard , Brown Concert ,Blackface Delux,Vibro Champ ,and a couple of Supers. If anyone is interested contact me through my email which is GentlemanKev@xxxxxxxxxxx
As for the discussion on high A , you can buy a SBS in A which in the first octave is the low notes ( first 4 notes on a regular A ) and then goes into the high octave.
The Martin was a great harp indeed .The cover plates are  the same  as the Cross Harp except for the finish . Martin discontinued them because they started selling the Back Packer guitar to LL Bean and they wanted a companion harmonica . So if you can find any LL Bean harps they are the Martin Harp with their logo .Kevin 

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