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 so_blue@xxxxxxx writes:

<< BUT, I'm drawn to try one of the top-o-the-line harmonicas because:
 They LOOK cool
 They SEEM to be "built to last"
 The plating on my GM covers is tarnishing, but my Meisterklasse (just the
 covers, on a wood MS comb) are not.
 The reedplates are different on top-o-the-line harmonicas (I know
 intellectually that "there's not much difference", but I prefer the "feel"
 of some reeds to others). >>

well, you're right about "seem" to last forever.  during my first year of 
playing, i had a half a set of oskars.  i had read about the promasters here, 
and thought that a metal comb must be better and flatter, and since i was 
gonna play forever, i should have a ~really good~ harp.  i bought one and 
liked it enough, so i bought a whole set.  when i joined a band, i realized 
that they weren't that loud.  and even though they're pretty expensive, i 
managed to blow a couple of reeds out (both on an a harp, i think).  i didn't 
find it very responsive, owing both to my limited ability, and the not very 
good gapping of a typical promaster.  plus, as i found out at the harp 
summit, you couldn't overblow 'em, 'cause they squeak.
luckily, at the summit, i also acquired a golden melody.  it was more 
responsive, and while sitting in the minneapolis airport (there were many 
delays that day), i croaked out my first, sorta, overblow.  so i switched to 
gms for a good bit.  
i while later, a special20 ended up in my hands, and i liked it even better, 
and that's where i am now.
the point being, a metal comb does look nice, will never swell, and will 
probably last forever.  but it doesn't play any better.  and that's ~all~ 
you're paying for, is the higher priced metal comb.

stevenj...the gator-man

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