Re: Out of the box

First, my humble apologies for the HTML formatting - I didn't realize - all
the messages look the same the way I have OE6 set-up on my PC. I won't let
it happen again, and THANKS (no sarcasm) for letting me know - I want to be
an asset, not a pain in the asset.

> Second, IMO there are no high-end out-of-the-box harmonicas

OK, I was expecting that, I was trying to make it clear that I meant "what
the manufacturer's _represent_ as 'high-end'".

You can still get several different models of Strat (or Tele, etc.) from
Fender. None of them play like a full-custom, but in the right hands,
they're still a great guitar.


> well, there are a lot of choices, and it's personal. (SNIP) [Differences
in cover, comb, etc. design] can be nice, but rarely will it make the harp
> out-of-the-box.

This was kinda the crux of my question. Everybody does it just a liitle
different on their "flagship" 'tonic- which is best?


> learn how to set your harps up
> This can be
> done on any harp, regardless of price.


RIGHT, that's why I was asking for preferences on the _starting_point_


> Now, the exception may be the Suzuki Overdrive.


> Personally, I like most all of them: each has it's own pluses and
> minuses.

WHAT??? You like them ALL?? NO FAIR! ;-)

> If I wanted a Hohner, I'd go with the Special 20.  It's the best harp
> Hohner makes, and is quite excellent, especially with, you guessed it, a
> simple gapping and tuning.


I'm a little surprised to hear that this seems to be a general consensus -
many of us prefer S20s (& a few prefer GMs) to Hohner's top-o-the-line
Meisterklasse! I wonder if Hohner knows this??

> Not what you wanted to hear, but those are the conclusions I've reached
> after trying nearly everything out there.

Actually, your post is EXACTLY the kind of reply I was hoping for - and
expected from this list.

I do set-up my harmonicas myself (to some degree) and my personal choice
(for now, at least) is a Golden Melody. (I LIKE the tuning, and I like that
my chords & octaves (I play a lot of octaves) sound a bit "edgy", and I like
the slightly larger "bite").

BUT, I'm drawn to try one of the top-o-the-line harmonicas because:
They LOOK cool
They SEEM to be "built to last"
The plating on my GM covers is tarnishing, but my Meisterklasse (just the
covers, on a wood MS comb) are not.
The reedplates are different on top-o-the-line harmonicas (I know
intellectually that "there's not much difference", but I prefer the "feel"
of some reeds to others).

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