Paul Messinger was: Disappearance of Regular Contibutors

>From: "Paul Messinger" <alliance@xxxxxxxxx>
>Actually, from what I've observed over the past few months, Harp-L has in 
>my opinion become much more about sharing information and much less about 
>personality issues, endless petty disputes, and gossip. Contributors like 
>Michael Peloquin (who wasn't around "back in the day") have added to the 
>already solid bunch of guys who have always been here.....

Aw shucks Paul!
Well, if any of you ever see that Paul is involved in anything Harp related, 
run, don't walk to get there. He threw his all into the Harmonica Summit in 
1998. It was one the Mother of All Harmonica Gatherings (..and I've been to 
a few.)
Gotta go to bed, must get up early to hear the great Rob Paparozzi on TV in 
the morning!

Michael Peloquin

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