Re: Kevin's Harps

Kevin was bought out by ?his brother? and John Francis. John is a great guy 
and they have renamed the company:
The Best Li'l Harp House
Still has great print catalog and website.
The site has officially changed names and there is a redirect for the URL 
Harphouse has a only slightly higher prices than Farrell's, but they give 
much more efficient service.
   Kevin McGowan was an infrequent harpl-er before the crash. He was selling 
harp stuff on ebay for awhile.

Harp content?
Lots of it is available on my CD "House of Cards", available at the 
aforementioned catalog and website!
(blatant innocent plug)

Michael Peloquin

>From: "T. H." <harold2@xxxxxxxxxx>
>what happend to kevens harps was he bought out????
>I just heard last night that he was, in fact, bought out.  I found it hard
>to believe myself!

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