Out of the box

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I tried to strike a spark yesterday, but you all were too slippery - only one person bit.
I have been considering buying some "high-end" diatonics. No, not Filiskos, or another "custom" harp.

Most of the manufacturers we're familiar with have a "top-o'-the-line" 'Tonic-
We got the Meisterklasse, Promaster, Thunderbird, Bushmaster, Ultimo, and.... What?
I'm talking non-valved "Premium" out-of-the-box, diatonics, not an "overblow" or other "trick" harp.
(Although, should we allow the AX-20 a spot?)

If you had to play an out-of-the-box Factory Diatonic, but cost was not an issue, which one would YOU play?
(Or, maybe in some cases, cost is not an issue; which one DO you play?)

- -DL Terry

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