Re: Smicz TADS to tame a 59 Bassman RI?

Thanks for the info Don.  Yes it does get a bit muddy when cranked all the 
way down.  I generally do not use it in this way, but in a pinch, I think it 
is a very cheap way to play in a small setting without blasting everyone 

>From: The Bernadettes <mdestefano@xxxxxxxx>
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>Subject: Re: Smicz TADS to tame a 59 Bassman RI?
>Date: Wed, 08 Jan 2003 01:44:21 -0500
>Chris Hammond wrote:
> > I had an amp tech add a potentiometer which varied the voltage applied 
> > the phase inverter tube on my Bassman RI.  This works great to give you 
> > tone on the bassman at low volumes.  I am not sure of the circuit (maybe
> > someone on the list can enlighten us)
>It's called a pre-phase inverter master volume and is indeed a quick and 
>way to add a master volume as long as you have a suitable place to put the
>potentiometer.  Just installed one recently on a Princeton Reverb.  IMO it
>doesn't work well if you plan on over attenuating the overall volume, that 
>running the volume say less than half.  Below that the sound gets too muddy 
>if you just keep it slightly attenuated it does allow you to dial in a nice 
>crunch at a somewhat lower volume.  Post PI master volumes are better and 
>have a
>more even overall response but are much more complicated and difficult to
>install, requiring several additional capacitors, resistors, a dual ganged 
>and a place to install all of it on the circuit board.  The pre PI master 
>only requires a 1 meg pot and a short length of suitable wire, you simply
>replace the 1 meg grid leak resistor on the input grid of the phase 
>with the 1 meg pot, not perfect but an easy mod.
>Don D.
> > The mod was very cheap and
> > compeletly reversible.  He put the Pot right in one of the speaker
> > connectors on the chassis.  The charge was about $30 including labor.
> >
> > >From: "M. N." <mnessmith@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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> > >Subject: Smicz TADS to tame a 59 Bassman RI?
> > >Date: Tue, 07 Jan 2003 19:54:34 +0000
> > >
> > >
> > >Just wondering if anyone on list has tried using TADS from Smicz
> > >Amplification as a way to throttle down the power in your 59 Bassman RI 
> > >other high-power amp. Here's the description from 
> > >"Many of us own great amps that are WAY TOO LOUD for non-stage 
> > >We've all annoyed loved ones and neighbors trying to let the power 
>tubes in
> > >our amps get a workout, and most of us have flirted with permanent ear
> > >damage or met local law enforcement personnel in the process. Most 
> > >don't realize that 3-5 watts can be surprisingly loud for home practice
> > >situations. ... Our TADs are direct replacements for your amp's higher
> > >wattage power tubes. A pair of TADs will bring your beloved 50-watt 
> > >down to a very manageable 3-4 watts. The same is true for that fine
> > >sounding Blackface Super. Simply replace your output tubes with the 
> > >TADs and away you go. There is no adjustment or rebiasing needed. 
> > >power tube saturation at reasonable volumes."
> > >A '59 Bassman RI will require a pair of TAD-2HVs, which runs $135 with
> > >shipping in the U.S. Not cheap, but perhaps a good way to get fat tone 
> > >lower volumes from this amp.
> > >Curious,
> > >MN
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