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>     Do older people attend these classes or is it primarily for young
> people?  I am 57.

I don't understand the question. You ask about older people and then state 
that you are 57. That is hardly older.....

Attendees range from 8 years old to 80. For the senior senior citizens, 
Augusta has offered Elder Hostel programs.

>     Could you give me a ballpark figure for the cost of this experience?  I
> guessed around $800.00.

Good guess. Information is available on the website

>     Would you suggest staying in dorm housing or do you have to stay off
> campus?

I recommend dorm housing. You are right in the thick of the action and can 
stumble home to bed easily after late night jams. Putting up with community 
bathrooms and the spartan accommodations of a dorm for this convenience are 
worth it, IMHO.

The cafeteria food is neither the best nor the worst that I have sampled. 
They offer many choices and a decent salad bar at every meal. 

There are moments of pure magic that occur at Augusta every year - more so 
than my experiences at SPAH, Port Townsend, Barrett's Masterclasses, World 
Harmonica Festivals, and Buckeye. This is in part created because of the 
extreme mix of interests and people - there are old tyme musicians, 
swing/jazz jams, bar-b-que classes, basket weaving, herb collecting, youth 
programs, stone masonry, and much more going on as well as blues. My personal 
favorite is the fireflies at night.

I can only imagine what is was like back in the day when jugglers and mimes 
roamed the campus as well. Imagine a camp for adults run by Frederico 

The Iceman

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