Re: A Joyfull Reunion!

Hello Otto!

Things have been pretty rough the past 2 years, but
we're making some improvement. Still can't play, and
that's been very depressing. But there seems to be
some change in my condition with the new medications,
so I'm hoping for the best. In the meanwhile, we're
trying to get everything back to normal, and one of
those is to get the double-reed site back up. Maybe

Hope you've been well and prosperous, or at the least
had fun #:)


- --- funharp@xxxxxx wrote:
> Hi Ted,
> welcome back !
> We' ve been missing you and your knowledge,
> especially about the
> double-reed harmonicas. I hope you're alright and
> doing well.
> > I'm working on getting back on
> the
> > air, with additional Hering stuff. 
> Great news.
> Otto
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