Re: ultimo covers

jrross said:
>I agree that they are comfortable to the mouth, in a way similar to a 
>Promaster (but don't think that the MB/S20/LO style covers are notably less
>comfortable--just different)

I have a couple of Richard Sleigh customized Marine Bands in which Richard 
filled the inside of the ends of the covers with what appears to be solder, 
then polished down this seamed edge to make the cover significantly more 
comfortable.  The REALLY old prewar Marine Bands (those with the "Mickey Mouse" 
ear tabs on the ends) have covers with a front edge that lacks the 
characteristic seam present in the models that appeared around 1930.  These are 
also significantly more comfortable, I've found.  

In general, I don't have a problem with cover designs of the MB/S20/LO type, 
but I have had the experience of playing these harps for extremely long periods 
of time (like seven or eight hours), and they are VERY hard on the lips, 
compared to something like a Meisterklasse or a Promaster (or an Ultimo).  

>The tone is fine, if you can hear it (because tone is more player than harp, 
>IMO), but they just aren't loud enough.  Playing softly merely takes some 
>practice and effort--but if the instrument can only get so loud or doesn't 
>project, you can't just play louder. 

I'd argue that while playing softly can be accomplished to a certain degree by 
practice and effort there is also some utility in having harps that are set up 
for soft playing.  There was some discussion here in the past regarding the 
setup of a Rennaisance for extremely soft play, and the challenges and rewards 
of that.  I also have my Ultimos set up to be very responsive, and they 
overbend well, which makes them even more difficult to play loudly.  I like my 
Ultimos as practice harps and have never had a problem with getting them loud 
enough through an amplifier to use them in a gig.  But if I'm sitting around a 
guitar pull playing acoustically I'll take my bag o' Marine Bands (or better 
yet, my T-Bones), partly because they're louder, but also because they're tuned 
for better chording.  Different harps for different purposes!

- -tim

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